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For business clients

The main objective of „Mācību un konsultāciju centrs ABC” Ltd. is to develop targeted, long-term cooperation by understanding customers' training needs and in line with them provide modern and high-quality training solutions to facilitate the development and growth.

We provide quality training to enhance the qualifications and skills based on the latest business trends, taking into account the specifics of a particular company and the individual needs of a client. We also cooperate with highly experienced and skilled business professionals valued by their sectors.

By choosing to cooperate with Centre of Education and Consulting ABC, you will acquire a reliable and competent consultant who will advise and guide you on the training process and the selection of a teacher/ instructor, as well as provide consultations on how to design an effective training programme, if you choose to organize training involving your own recourses. The consultant will help explore your training needs, as well as provide information about most effective training solutions, most suitable teachers and productive learning content. Our mission is to facilitate your work by helping to find and attract the most appropriate resources for the implementation of training, which consist of:

  • Teachers/ instructors
  • Premises
  • Course subjects and training programme
  • Funding

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